AASP Celebrates the Class of 2018!

Fri, 05/25/2018

On Friday, May 25, 2018, the Asian American Studies Program and the Asian & Asian American Center (A3C) honored student community leaders and the 25th graduating class of Asian American Studies minors. Congratulations to the Class of 2018 and many thanks to Damaris Photography for this incredible photo! The full list of graduating students is as follows:

Asian American Studies Program Minors
Meredith Boeheim (Anthropology)
Emily Dong (Biology & Society)
James Gan (Economics)
Rebecca Lee (Psychology)
Cambra Lee-Shapiro (Human Biology, Health, and Society)
Xiao Yin Ma (Chemical Engineering)
Mary Melati (Biological Sciences)
Mee-Ju Ro (Ph.D. English)
Shania Sukhu (Biology & Society)
Rene Tsukawaki (English)

Asian American Studies Program Graduating Staff
Jenny Chen (Food Science)
Emily Dong (Biology & Society)
Rebecca Lee (Psychology)

Asian/Asian American Center Student Interns
Scott Ho (Biology & Society)
Alice Li (Operations Research and Engineering)
Anni Li (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Beining Niu (Master of Health Administration)
Grace Zhao (Applied Economics and Management)

Asian Pacific Americans for Action
Xiao Yin Ma (Chemical Engineering)
Archishman Raju (Ph.D. Physics)

Cornell Asian Pacific Islander Student Union Leaders
Theresa Cao (Hotel Administration)
Krystle-Mei Chow (Hotel Administration)
Emily Dong (Biology & Society)
Sierra Jamir (Food Science)
Angela Sun (Biological Sciences)

South Asian Council Student Leaders
Carunya Achar (Industrial and Labor Relations)
Samir Durvasula (Master of Engineering)

Picture of the Class of 2018 + AASP and A3C staff and faculty