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Asian American Students Find Support in Embracing Their Identities at East Coast Conference held at Cornell

By: Paris Ghazi and Tiamen Montgomery,  The Cornell Daily Sun
Sun, 03/04/2018

Over 600 students and faculty from East Coast universities traveled to Cornell for a day of workshops and talks exploring challenges central to Asian-American identity at the annual East Coast Asian-American Student Union conference on Saturday.

This year’s conference had the mission statement “Continuum: Power Through Perspective” and aimed to educate and inspire students on longstanding racial dilemmas in their communities.

“We don’t necessarily need someone with some lofty degree to tell us ‘… this is what you need to know to be good at your job, help support your community or be an actually decent person,’” said Jeremiah Kim ’19, ECAASU conference director and Sun blogs editor.

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Courtesy of Erin Chen '20