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Asian American Studies Program

Cornell University Cornell University Cornell Univeristy Asian American Studies Program

Asian American Studies Program

Author: Zhiwan Cheung

Author: Zhiwan Cheung

Author: Zhiwan Cheung

Class of 2015 ready copy

Class of 2015 ready copy

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Asian American Studies Program at Cornell Logo

FourthRFAt the time of its founding in 1987, the Asian American Studies Program at Cornell University was the first such program in the Ivy League. Today the program has faculty members in the humanities and social sciences in a variety of departments and colleges. This cross-college, university-wide position accommodates the extensive teaching and research interests of the Program's faculty and reflects the breadth of the vibrant field of Asian American Studies in general. In the classroom, in scholarship, and through campus and community advocacy, the Program is committed to examining the histories and experiences; identities, social and community formations; politics; and contemporary concerns of people of Asian ancestry in the United States and other parts of the Americas.

Program News & Events 


September 2015 spam and eggs

Our first Spam and Eggs Community Breakfast is scheduled on Friday, September 25th from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

Swing by the fourth floor of Rockefeller Hall not only for some prime study space, but also for some free breakfast.

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Wednesday Lunch Series with Professor Veronica Martinez-Matsuda!


Our first Wednesday Lunch Series of this semester will feature Assistant Professor Veronica Martinez-Matsuda from Cornell University's ILR School. Come join us in 429 Rockefeller Hall on September 16 at noon to meet Professor Martinez-Matsuda and enjoy a catered lunch in an informal setting!

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Professor Derek Chang featured in Cornell Daily Sun

Prof. Derek C

Great piece on AASP Director Prof. Derek Chang in Cornell Daily Sun and good summary of program's role on campus: "This space becomes a kind of safe space for students. Our courses become a kind of place where students can sit and think and talk about questions that affect them that they cannot get elsewhere on campus."

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Wednesday Lunch Series with Frances Yufen Lee Mehta.


Our last Wednesday Lunch Series of this semester will feature Frances Yufen Lee Mehta from Department of Asian Studies. Come join us in 429 Rockefeller Hall on April 22nd at noon.

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New Publications

Author: Minh-Ha Pham in Salon, ""Diversity" in fashion will never be enough."


Author: Minh-Ha Pham in Configurations, "Paul Poiret’s Magical Techno-Oriental Fashions (1911)..."

Author: Minh-Ha Pham in The New Inquiry, "Virtual Runways, Paper Dolls."

Author: Derek Chang
Paperback edition just published
: Citizens of a Christian Nation..., University of Pennsylvania Press.        


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Resource Center


Our Resource Center library contains materials and media pertaining to Asians in the hemispheric Americas and to issues of race and power in general. All materials are available for study, research, and viewing in 422 Rockefeller Hall.

Asian American/Pacific Islander-focused internship opportunities in four major U.S. cities: New York, Washington, Los Angeles and San Francisco