Professor Derek Chang quoted in The Daily Pennsylvanian on Asian American Studies in the Ivy League

By: Madeleine Ngo,  The Daily Pennsylvanian
Fri, 01/19/2018

On Penn's campus, the topic of Asian-American studies and the importance of the program has grown increasingly prevalent throughout the past year.

Since Grace Kao, former longtime director of the Asian American Studies Program, left to join the faculty at Yale University, protests and efforts to secure the survival of the program have persisted on campus. The program, which Kao helped establish two decades ago and which is now left without a formal director, has also lobbied for funding, support, and more teaching space for courses.

The ASAM program at Penn, however, is not unique in its struggle. Across the Ivy League, institutions have largely struggled to institute structured Asian-American studies programs as well.

Penn and Cornell University are the only Ivies currently offering an independent Asian-American studies minor.

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Image by Haley Suh for The Daily Pennsylvanian