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In the classroom, in scholarship, and through campus and community advocacy, the Program is committed to examining the histories and experiences; identities, social and community formations; politics; and contemporary concerns of people of Asian ancestry in the United States and other parts of the Americas. 

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Since 1987, Cornell’s Asian American Studies Program has introduced a wide range of students to the multifaceted – the transnational, comparative, and multi- and inter-disciplinary – dimensions of Asian America.  For students of Asian ancestry, our individual courses and minor course of study provide a cultural, historical, social, and political context for understanding their place both within and beyond the University. For all students, Asian American Studies offers a model of a liberal arts education, fostering an educational experience that can be as transformative as it is illuminating. Our award-winning faculty knows that what our students do in the lecture hall and the seminar room is inextricably linked to the world beyond. What students learn about cultural practice and community formation, racism and white supremacy, political struggle and social justice – whether in theoretical terms or in everyday practice, whether through literature or anthropology or cultural studies or history – forms a frame for not only how they see the world but how they engage with it. 

We hope that you’ll take a moment or two to reflect on the difference that the Asian American Studies Program has made in your life and to consider the difference that you can now make in the life of the Asian American Studies Program, and in the life of the university as a whole.

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In many ways, the Asian American Studies Program at Cornell is my home. I remember the first class I took in the program with pride. The students were actively involved, pushed their stances, and eagerly checked to see if they were on point. It is my belief that unless a class makes your heart pound or your blood boil, you have not experienced what it feels like to be truly engaged in learning. The AASP provides just that. It is for this reason that I am proud to be an AASP major. The Asian American Studies Program provided me with the tools and language necessary to have a real impact in the community as a student leader. The staff and faculty are first rate; their passion for Asian American studies provides inspiration for their students.

— Aminta Liu '14